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Snibble is the first mobile video platform dedicated to premium snackable content, combining a next-gen user experience with the power of social amplification. Snibble offers viewers a better social viewing experience, while solving advertisers two biggest problems with digital advertising: brand safety and media transparency.

Next Gen User Experience

Next Gen User Experience


Premium, professionally produced video that GenZ is seeking.
The first mobile video platform to reward users for participation, while not driving them crazy with too many ads.
The first mobile platform to combine advanced UX with social and sharing features.
The first digital platform powered by blockchain, to be 100% transparent, fraud and bot fee.
The first mobile video platform dedicated to premium, snackable video, with over 2 million videos and 20,000 more coming each week.
The first digital content platform to be created by people who understand consumer behaviour and the needs of advertisers for brand safety, brand engagement and of course e-commerce.

Better for Advertisers

Better for Advertisers


Brand safety that is limits impossible to archive on current digital video channels.
Premium content that enhances brands.
Higher brand engagement with premium features and unskippable 6-second pre-roll ads, most effective and least annoying for youunger audiences.
Not over-monetized, so ads on Snibble make a better impact.
100% transparency, poweered by blockchain, cutting significantly the digital advertising "tech tax".

Next Gen User Experience

Better for Content Producers


Content that lives in a premium-only environment.
A better monetization program based on higher, premium channel CPMs.
Real-time marketing analytics, 100% transparency powered by blockchain.
Engagement tools auto help promote off-line properties.

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Next Gen User Experience

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